who we are

Corporate Responsibility

In the past 30 years, EAC has had the pleasure of working with almost all of the top 100 diagnostic companies, though our commitment to privacy prevents us from naming them or broadcasting praise about them or from them.

We always act in the best interests of our clients.

We are credible truth-seekers. The integrity of the data we collect is paramount. We get as close to the facts as is possible. We never skew or misrepresent data, even when it may result in an unexpected or undesirable outcome to the client.

EAC has a high ethical regard when it comes to conflict of interest. In the past, we have turned down projects that were too similar to ones recently completed due to the possibility of a conflict of interest.

As a result of our 30 years in the diagnostics industry, we understand the sensitive nature of medical data. Since our inception, we have been fully HIPAA compliant. Whenever we collect medical data, such as that from a hospital or reference laboratory, we ensure it is de-identified.

Anytime EAC conducts a study, the names and institutions we speak with are never shared outside the walls of EAC. We do not, under any circumstance, share this information with third parties, including the sponsor of the research request; all data is reported in aggregate only.

We follow the code of conduct of the Market Research Society.