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DNA Dividends: Sequencing, Liquid Biopsies to Drive IVD Market Growth in Coming Years

"While it represents one of the fastest growing segments in the diagnostic market, overall molecular diagnostics has not achieved the lofty 20% growth rate once projected by industry observers. On average, clinical molecular diagnostics is growing at about 8%-9% per year, said Mark Hughes, a vice president with Enterprise Analysis Corporation (EAC), a strategic consulting firm specializing in diagnostics. "It's hard to grow a $5 billion market by 20% each year," he commented. "

Trends in Multidrug Resistant Bacteria and Clostridium difficile in an Integrated Healthcare Network Presentation at IDWeek 2016

"Multidrug resistant bacteria (MDRO) and Clostridium difficile infections are threats to patient safety. The objective of our study was to describe the burden of MDROs and Clostridium difficile and to depict changing trends over time in an integrated healthcare network. "

Healthcare Associated Infection Presentation at IDWeek 2013

"Combined Use of Clinical, Administrative & Surveillance Data to Characterize Incidence and Outcomes of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) in a Highly Computerized Integrated Healthcare System"

Analysts Expect IVD Market Rebound After Tough Year

"We think the market will gradually rebound over the next five years, possibly reaching a six percent annual growth rate by 2017," said EAC Vice President Gerard Conti. "However, the emerging markets, such as China and India, will represent a bigger piece of the overall IVD pie. Compared to North America and Europe, they will be driving more of the overall growth than in the past."

The Growth of Point-of-Care Testing in Hospitals

The Growth of Point-of-Care Testing in Hospitals: Cardiac Markers Fuel Growth in $5 Billion Market
Hospital point-of-care (POC) testing continues to grow steadily, with hospitals adding more instruments and rapidly increasing the volume of cardiac testing in particular, according to a new report from strategic consulting firm Enterprise Analysis Corporation (EAC). This brief analyzes data from a 2011 survey of hundreds of hospital-based point-of-care coordinators (POCC), and compares data to the company’s previous survey in 2007.

Michelle Keane also noted that POC has become more complex in hospitals, with 23% of institutions reporting use of six or more different POC instruments in 2011 compared to just 5% in 2007. Nearly 50% of hospitals EAC surveyed now have four or more instruments.

Clinical Lab Expo Breaks Records Again

Mark Hughes, VP of Operations and Gerard Conti, VP of Strategic Planning at EAC share thoughts on the In-Vitro Diagnostics market and its expected growth in the US and Europe at the AACC 2012 conference: "According to EAC projections, the global IVD market will push ahead at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 6.3% through 2016, climbing up to $68.8 billion…Due in part to faster adoption of new technologies in North America, EAC projects growth to be higher here than in Europe, at 6.5% compared to 4.8%.’”

A Record-Breaking 2011 Clinical Lab Expo Kicks Off Today

“Pushed ahead by tests for infectious diseases, molecular diagnostics was still able to grow 10% in 2010, despite it being yet another difficult year for the global economy. A recent major molecular growth driver has been testing for hospital-acquired infections (HAI), as well as new assays for respiratory viral panels", said Mark Hughes, vice president and senior consultant at EAC.

Personalized Medicine – Trends in Molecular Diagnostics: Exponential Growth Expected in the Next Ten Years

" The organizations that could benefit most from personalized medicine and companion diagnostics are the current large pharma leaders", according to Dr. Blair." Large pharma companies are well positioned because these companies often offer a variety of medications per indication. Payers and regulators will look favorably on companies that develop a test to stratify patients, leading to flexibility of pricing."