Enterprise Analysis Corporation, EAC, was founded in 1987 by Emery Stephans. Over the years, the company has evolved from a small specialty consulting firm into a broad-based practice providing strategic consulting, business development and research services to an ever-expanding cohort of medical, life-science and animal health organizations worldwide.

We have deep expertise in the diagnostic sciences and in those domains that diagnostics touches, such as clinical medicine, companion diagnostics and food chain efficiency and safety. EAC currently serves clients in North America, Europe, the BRIC countries, the Pacific Rim and South America.

From the beginning, EAC’s concern for our clients, unique capabilities, long-standing industry connections and results are the facets which have distinguished us from other firms in the industry.

Client Relationships

We are deeply committed to putting our clients first. Many of our client relationships have been continuous since our founding in 1987. Our clients stay with us because we take pride in producing the highest quality work and tailoring our services to create the best possible solution for each one.