eac difference

Unique Abilities

We Go Above and Beyond

For the past 30 years, our concern for our clients, our unique capabilities, our long-standing industry relationships, and our results have distinguished EAC from other corporate consulting firms.

We don’t just create and deliver a presentation, we engage with our clients. We interact and work with them to ensure practical, actionable results. Our deliverables are extremely detailed and thorough, which inspires trust, confidence and continued loyalty to EAC.

Skills Across the Spectrum

The EAC team has deep experience in the healthcare and life science fields. Our staff brings many decades of aggregate experience in the industry. We have experts in business development, strategic planning, the physical sciences, technology, mathematics, bioinformatics, statistics, computer modeling, reaching key opinion leaders, and conducting clinical studies. We have smart analysts and a noted ability to present research results plainly and usefully. In recent years, we have also applied these skills to the fields of food-chain optimization, animal health and nutrition.

Our many specialized talents combine to enable us to deliver a highly-respected quality of service to our clients that, in turn, inspires loyalty to EAC.

The EAC Contacts Database

Over the years, EAC has accumulated a vast and diverse database of over 30,000 healthcare industry contacts. These connections include not only people working in the medical field – doctors, nurses, laboratory technologists, researchers, and other workers, at thousands of medical institutions worldwide – but also key executives and opinion leaders throughout the diagnostics and life-science industries. We are proud of our exceptional ability to recruit and maintain relationships with senior-level subjects to assist in our primary research.